February 2, 2023


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Cry For Attention

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Cry For Attention


The girl who says she’s lonely
stares out of cyberspace at me.

Those who stand furthest from the wall,
won’’t understand how good its feels
to have a wall behind your back.

I empathize with her. Dark hair
cascading around her face
reminds me of someone long ago –
someone who I could not love.

But she professes she’s lonely …
so I look into those big beautiful eyes
and I see the big question mark.

Those who stand furthest from the wall
won’t have the will to question
what is solid and what is false.

But I do.


© Allen Ansell 2009, 2021



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2 thoughts on “Cry For Attention

  1. Who’s heart doesn’t melt for a girl feeling lonely? Everybody’s right, anyone would help a girl in this situation and be the wall on which she could stand with support on her back. You have really said what every guy thinks.

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