February 2, 2023


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Hollywell Bay Here We Come

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Hollywell Bay Here We Come

This all happened sometime in the early Nineteen-fifties. Sadly, I’ve never been able to locate even one of my fellow campers.


On a cold morning
Many moons ago,
I stood with trembling heart,
Hand in Hand with Granny.
‘Are you excited?’ She asked.
I smiled with lies in my eyes
A masque of innocence
On every pore and cranny.

Grandpa pressed a large coin
Into my free hand palm,
And gently secured it tight –
Folding my fingers over.
My divining sense knew it;
Knew where it came from,
What it was – a half-crown.
I could see him open the till
And select the shiniest coin
To give me security and Strength.

I needed those two shields,
And I felt them too
As my left foot, risen,
Secured the bus’s first step.
The weight of my new rucksack
Pulling to reverse my climb –
‘A small step for mankind’
Had not then been spoken,
But still, I took a giant leap –
Toward the camping trip from hell…

Hollywell Bay, here we come!



© Allen Ansell 2021



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2 thoughts on “Hollywell Bay Here We Come

  1. Childhood is fun isn’t it. It is a golden time. Every kid has the exact same feeling of excitement when going out on a trip. Those mischievous activities we did was so fun. Playing and talking with friends, these are the memories that stick with us lifelong. Trips are the most fun with friends. Really good Allen appreciate it.

    1. It was a strange time in my life. I was in a kind of no man’s land, having just recently left a private boarding school and been returned to the State system. I think there must have been about fifty of us kids on that trip, yet my memories of it are mostly ones of feeling lost and alone. I said it was the camping trip from Hell, and that’s how it felt! Ah well, all in the past now.

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