February 2, 2023


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When first published in 2007, although well received, people did not like my using ‘diaphanous dreams’ for the last line. Only now have I conceded to that critique. What do you think?


I wait,
for the morning call –
to lighten
and lift my mood.
But I fear,
the thought
entering my head:
that I should
be alone,
with only
the faint echo
of you,
inside my dreams.


© Allen Ansell 2007, 2021



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2 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Who hasn’t had a breakup?, who hasn’t had the fear of being left alone?, who hasn’t feared of never finding love again? Everybody, it happens with everybody. It is quite similar, I can connect with it, when i had my break up, I heard her in my dreams lying to me, roaming with someone else, couldn’t resist it but had to face it, nothing stays forever neither the pain of losing her. Very well written allen, best wishes for future writings. Keep it up.

  2. My life is reflected in this. I am also suffering from the fear of being alone one day. I am the only child in my family. a few years ago, I married. Sadly, I got divorced because my husband cheated. I got fatal illness at the same time… My life was saved, but I can’t have babies …. therefore, I will never be able to go for a second marriage or even for a love. Now I am living with my parents. I have only my parents … I cannot predict my future, but I know that I will be alone someday. So, I prefer to live there rather than open my eyes even though it is a nightmare as It’s very hard for me to live in the real world and deal with the real situations.

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