February 2, 2023


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When this was written my underlying message might not have been as clear as it is today. I feel quite confident there can be few people who would not ‘get this’ today.


Mankind’s midas touch?

In some far off place
Where light comes in clean and unseen shades,
And clouds of embryonic dust
Crystallise in huge gigantic plumes,
There lies the alchemy we seek –
Virginal, pure, and so far free
Of our touch.


© Allen Ansell 2005, 2021

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5 thoughts on “Peace

  1. most people believe that true peace is found in the serene bliss of silence but in reality peace exists within the chaos and sorrows of the heartbroken and and desperate living in a world where there may be no rest but there will always be peace

  2. While I might not know the underlying message in this poem, I feel like it talks about the kind of peace that money cannot give. The kind of peace that comes from the feeling of being satisfied with the little you have. But sometimes, we cannot get the peace we want because we are searching for it in people and materials instead of looking within.

  3. I wrote this poem because I assume (with my limited Human understanding) that in the enormity of Space, where dust clouds are billowing towards the creation of yet new stars and planets, Mankind’s hands have not yet adulterated creation.
    So there, is the purity of existence that we seek. We seek peace, harmony, we seek love, and yet at the same time contaminate the Earth with deforestation, pesticides, hate, cruelty, racism, greed – God you could go on forever with the things and methods of our contamination.
    My poem doesn’t give a method of correction, for the only thing I know that would help is to be found in the balance of all things that we do, and that requires forethought and planning which, by necessity, would include the question: “What will be the reaction to my action – in everything?” If the answer is, “I don’t know” then err on the side of caution.

  4. This is so true Allen, I mean when I go on vacation I always choose a hilly location a small village where there are negligible people, untouched beauty, and just peace, clean air and so much silence that I could listen to myself breathe like a lion. When you get a break from your city life and get a chance to go to such a place it seems like heaven but what we can do we have got to get back here, we are no “Chris McCandless”.

    1. I can see where you are coming from, Mike. In my mind, when I wrote this, I was seeing the far off depths of virgin space, as yet untouched my Mankind. But, as I say, I can see your interpretation too. Thank you for commenting.

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