February 2, 2023


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‘Strange Advent’

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'Strange Advent' by D G Moody

But Jesus said, “Suffer the little children,and forbid them not,to come unto me: 

for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”



Have you not heard?

Christmas has been cancelled.

There’s to be no celebration,

and no meeting and greeting,

during the Covid season.


So,go tell the wise men,

In their four-wheeled drives:

they can go home to Persia,

for the family they are seeking,

have been lost along the way.


Fortunately –or not,

they found the means,

via greedy eager men –

so very happy to help –

 only needing to be paid,

to help them on their way.


So,the refugee family –

fleeing from danger,

do finally arrive,

to where the sea divides;

across to where they pray,

their safety will lay.


In despair –ignoring portents,

they give their consent,

to board the flimsy raft:

Yusef –Maryam –and child;

are –as they always will be,

lost souls cast upon the sea.


Such a strange Advent;

star-shells illuminating

the Border Force –seeking

abroad the recessive sea;

while fishermen now dread,

what may lie in their nets.


So,have you not heard?

Christmas has been cancelled.

with no celebrations;

no meeting and greeting,

after the Covid season.


The Christ-child is not to be found:

He is drowned.


© DGMoody 2020, 2021



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2 thoughts on “‘Strange Advent’

  1. This poem brings nostalgic feelings of when we thought Christmas was canceled due to the pandemic. It was funny though because everyone was really looking forward to having some sort of Christmas joy in their lockdown life. But, amidst the chaos and fear, I realized Christmas cannot be canceled. We might not go out to celebrate but as long as we have friends and loved ones, we will also feel the Christmas spirit.

  2. Thanks for the comment Helen. And yes, looking back it did seem that Christmas was not to be the usual time; and I was also trying to contrast the actual refugee family in their plight, with the Holy Family, to whom we may only pay lip service.

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