February 2, 2023


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Upon Our Dreams

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Upon Our Dreams

There are not words sweet enough, nor yet again sour enough – with which to start and stop a thing like this.  I bring this forward from 2005 when the problems of Today’s headlines were no less important.



Upon our dreams ride the little ones…

Wide dark pools of innocence for eyes,

Their cheeks given by the softest cherubim,

And mouths that know only the sweetest of fruit.


All are born like this…


Upon desire are they created…

The greatest gift to start afresh, new,

A slate wiped clean of trash, untried, untainted,

With minds that know only the truest thought.


Gifts born from our bliss…


Upon our care are they cossetted…

Wrapped in our arms, held tight in our hands,

Showered with our love, swamped with our indulgence,

They take what we give with absolute trust.


That love should persist…


Upon our moments of frenzy…

When we endeavour to provide, to give.

To tuck away for the later unknown hours,

They stare, wide eyed, taught by our ignorance.


Reality missed…


Upon the tide of retribution…

When the atmosphere is asthmatic…

And the forests stripped, soil shaved and laid bare,

Burgers and buns stuffed in their tiny mouths.


All are killed like this…



© Allen Ansell 2005, 2021

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5 thoughts on “Upon Our Dreams

  1. When this was published on PoetBay, ‘OneTrickPony’ said of it, ” I, too, like to go back to basics, find what’s natural to our nature, so I appreciate your poem. These lines make me a little sad, though, because not all babies will ever know what you’ve described:

    “Upon our care are they cosseted…
    Wrapped in our arms, held tight in our hands,
    Showered with our love, swamped with our indulgence,
    They take what we give with absolute trust.”

    Still, this is a meaningful poem. Thank you for sharing.”

  2. The way of humans are making irrational decisions against nature will surely will destroy it. New generations won’t be able to see the things which are being destroyed today. Water, and fuel, might get exhausted soon which will make their life difficult, air quality is deteriorating so badly that human lives are getting shorter by about 5-10 years because of breathing in that poisonous air. Thanks, Allen for writing on such an issue.

  3. Thank you very much Allen for choosing this kind of topic to write. This may have a considerable influence on readers to think of reestablishing the connection with nature. Actually, the modern artificial life style has increasingly alienated human beings from nature. We have forgotten that we are creatures of the earth. We are not knowing nature anymore, not experiencing it and feeling the power that it has for us. As adults, we give birth to our children and do everything to make their lives more comfortable. But finally we are taking away their right to life by destroying nature, moving away from nature. As you said, “All are killed like this”. However, I would like to excerpt two lines from Chief Seattle’s here. that is “Whatever befall the earth, befalls the sons of earth”.

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