February 2, 2023


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Of course, there could be far worse things you’d find unexpectedly.


You lift the stone

knowing what you will see:

The soil will be a shade darker

and there’ll be wriggling things –

a centipede or two, a worm,

decaying leaves ….

Never did you dream there’d be a key!

Bright shiny golden metal?

Glinting in the newly illuming light?

And …

whereas the wriggling things

would have fulfilled your expectations,

the key only leaves you with more.



© Allen Ansell 2009, 2021



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2 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Cool one allen, really great. ” “Expectations” always upset you, you should have least expectations or none cause if you have no expectation then anything you receive will make you feel good or happy but you expect a lot and you get less then your expectation then you feel disappointed or sad, understand?
    Really enjoyed the poem Allen and I hope these lines will give people a mantra to change their mindsets. So enjoy Allen’s poem and think about what I wrote.

  2. Yes, I get what you mean, Mike. I think you are saying we should be realists and not expect too much. I agree to some extent, but the power of attraction would have you believe otherwise. 😉

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