February 2, 2023


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‘Upset’ by Deeps

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'Upset' by Deeps


I have been upset.

But why or how or with whom,


I would also like to understand.


Which is the missing part

of the puzzle that I am so

irritated about?


Very little work on shedding the work load;

With little inspiration and no coffee;

Made to hear a teary loony song;

Anticipating a revolution around the sun,

but left rotating on axis;

With sun on holiday

and smog all over

all gray

but no clouds

and no rain to settle the dust

or to quench the desire of the land.


The tears flow


As if pouring out of a volcano inside

taking me by surprise

for I did not know

there was still one alive inside.


But worry not,

for these are sterile

and therefore futile.


But I own them as completely mine

as if I mine these pearldrops

day after day


While waiting for the

scintillating dew drops to transpire

or the rain drops to drape me.


Let me just breathe, work and play

till then


Those seasons will come too.

Of this I am sure.


© Deeps 2021






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4 thoughts on “‘Upset’ by Deeps

  1. Hi Deeps, and may I also welcome you, as a fellow guest? I’ve read your poem several times, and it reveals itself more with each reading; and is it me reading more into it, but do I also detect an allusion to the smog conditions in Delhi? Not that it is the main point of the work.

    Best wishes


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