February 2, 2023


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Before The Pearly Gates

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Before The Pearly Gates

I can’t think how many times writers have come up with this scenario.  Writers are not alone in thinking about the possibility of there being pearly gates….



“Hi. Welcome. Your name…?”

“Hi. David. I’m David Crawford.”

“Let’s see… No, your not on that list, let’s look here… Erm… Where do you think you should be?”


“Where do you think you should be?”

“I don’t understand. I’m dead aren’t I?”

“Your terminology, David! As I can’t find you on my lists, I need to know where you think you should be?”

“Er… Heaven?”

“And what do you think heaven is like?”

“Well, somewhere that is beautiful.”

“That’s not very specific, is it! Let’s try this another way: Who is your God?”

“Well… God of course. I thought there was only one God. Why do you need to know?”

“Look, it works like this: When you come back to the Terminus, it is my job to send you to the right place. You aren’t on my list, which means you are only entitled to go to the place that you have visualised as being your destination… ahem… after you ‘die‘.  I can’t just send you anywhere.”

Well, I always thought of God being the father of Jesus, so I suppose an older version of Jesus.”

“And where does this God of yours live?”

“Erm… Ooh, I’m not sure about that…  On a cloud?”

“So be it, then, David. Take care not to fall. It is very hot down below, and you haven’t earned your wings yet.”


© Allen Ansell 2021

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2 thoughts on “Before The Pearly Gates

  1. What an amazing writing Allen, it really blew my mind away, I am not kidding, the line where David says” I am dead”, i was like what the hell is it! I was amazed, I loved it, didn’t expect a story like this, really loved it. Appreciate it.

  2. What a plot twist at the end…lol. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that has thought about how heaven looks like. I usually think that since we have more gods than I can count maybe we could have different heavens for different religions. But oh well, we won’t truly know what heaven looks like until we get to the other side of life. Nice poem, Allen.

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