February 2, 2023


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Calais’ Sunset Strip

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Calais' Sunset Strip

Events that trigger memories from long ago can be almost as precious as the thing they remind us of.   In the process of remembering, you hold onto what memory you have and just feel yourself being pulled – like feeling the pull of a Kite.



I watch the kite skip and flip

in a cold northerly wind.

It bites at my cheeks,

and gives my ears a nip,

tussles my hair ruggedly –

with as much abandon

as the long yellow ribbon

of the kite’s wriggling tail.


The young boy is nothing.

Featureless. A grey outline

in front of a weak winter sun.

His glee borne on the wind

like a seagull’s cry, but,

in indiscernible French.

His feet rattling the cold pebbles

of Calais’ sunset beach.


Watched by an adult male

with suave scarf buffeted

and dragged about his neck.

Hands dug deep in comfort’s

pockets, his face lit with pride,

he bends his knees in unison

with the highs and lows of flight –

barely disguising his paternal delight.


Tears form in my eyes,

and I don’t have to question

if the wind brought these too,

for all those years ago,

I’m remembering right now,

on Hilly Fields we, two kids,

would launch my kite to fly…

just my gleeful dad and I.



© Allen Ansell 2006, 2021


CLICK HERE to hear the author read his poem.

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2 thoughts on “Calais’ Sunset Strip

  1. Wow, so good, dad and son relationship is very special isn’t it? Our dad pulls us and gets strict like we pull a kite’s string, sometimes he lets us loose and has some space and fun like a kite going higher when left loose, but tightens us back before we start to fall. Fathers are very underrespected people, as they are often considered strict and all but only do it for our betterment. Great poem allen. appreciate it

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