February 2, 2023


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‘Visiting Jennifer Martin’ by Lawrence Beck

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'Visiting Jennifer Martin' by Lawrence Beck


For the time being, I’m just fine with
Jennifer Martin thrusting her cat at me.
I’m not too fond of cats, and hers doesn’t
Like me. It squirms and runs off toward
The nearest dark corner, but Jennifer stays,
Legs drawn up underneath her. We talk
About things that are of no importance,
The weather, the dread duty of raking up
Leaves. She has biscuits, which we both
Dip into our coffee. Her wall clock strikes
Two. I’ve been here since eleven, and, for
The time being, I’m fine.


© Lawrence Beck 2021








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5 thoughts on “‘Visiting Jennifer Martin’ by Lawrence Beck

  1. I just love this poem. When I read it I ‘see’ much more than Lawrence’s words actually say. I can almost be in the room where they are, and can even smell the coffee. Such an evocative poem, and in my opinion an excellent one.

    Thank you for sharing this on Parapraxis, Lawrence.

  2. With the glitch my comments were lost, so what did I say before, other than I found this poem brings to life a small moment of time; and in that moment is all the time that was needed. Thank Lawrence.


  3. What a marvelous piece of work Lawrence, is exceptional. I used to read allens’ posts till now but now when I read yours, i must say that you are no less than Allen ( no offence allen, you are still my favourite). Really great use of gustatory imagery, I almost got the taste of biscuit dipped in coffee while reading your poem. Appreciate it.

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