February 2, 2023


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‘Cinderella Wants Her Slipper Back’ By Jolen Whitworth

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'Cinderella Wants Her Slipper Back' by Jolen Whitworth


The midnight toll passed hours ago,
it’s time to crawl into a cold bed,
red-eyed and agitated. She’ll stay silent
and grab the Valium, while you become
paranoid and do one more line.

She wants to run a marathon, shop for shoes,
tell the world how good her skin feels,
right up until it ends. Then she’s a broken-
winged pixie, careening toward the pit.

That damn clock and its smug
wide-open chimes announce a full-throated
conclusion to another intolerable day.
She feels like her ugly stepsisters,
mangled under the royal carriage wheels.

Twisted in sweat-soaked silk sheets,
suppressing screams, she stares at the nothing
filling the room and repeats the litany:
Tomorrow will be different.

She barely resembles that girl you promised
a happily-ever-after, before this travesty of
over-sized handbags, designer poison
and constant nasal-drip.

The mice hate wearing tuxedos, she wants
to exchange the corvette for a pumpkin,
and if you could pour that champagne out
of her glass slipper, Cinderella would like it back.


© Jolen Whitworth 2022

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