February 2, 2023


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Formally titled ‘THE ENDING TIME’


A story I heard that I felt must be retold. I’ve taken on HIS sorrow as if it was mine.  In reality I thank my God this is not my life.  So, in re-creating these minutes in time I must give commiserations to the anonymous contributor on Reddit and ask his forbearance for my interpretation.



Seven o’clock.

Morning again! Must get up.
Big day today. Not a welcomed day though.
Who’d ever have thought this could be:
This day would come… could come?


Coffee’d up and cases packed.
Just some space ready in my old rucksack
for the final fragments I’ll take:
Bequeathed. Allowed. Given.


The doorbell rings. She is here.
I fill her waiting trunk with my cases.
We are dancing around our loss –
My loss, her beginning.


Reluctant, I climb the stairs
one last time – and I’m greeted by our two
fluffy feline purring babies
who slide around my legs.


I rise from the loving cats
and wipe away streaming tears on my sleeves.
My wife wraps her arms around me
and plants a kiss ckeekward.


I tuck the last two photos
in my rucksack, and through reluctant eyes
I look around at what was ours.
She says, ‘It’s time we left.’


I bravely leave our flat for
one final sorrowful time. She drives me
to the airport, from where I’ll fly
away from… married life.


Silence reigns inside her car;
maintaining our amicability
it’s best to gulp back my sorrow.
Leave – because I love her.


She holds my hand one last time,
gives it a gentle squeeze while looking down
at the floor, gets back in the Prius;
slinks into the haze of cars.


In my seat: Row 3, window.
Climbing towards fresh white clouds of hope.
Below, the grey pain of betrayal –
being dumped for some new guy.


I’m a half-hour from parents,
Who’ll be waiting at the terminal.
Back home to those who still love me,
and, thank God, always will.


© Griffonner 2022





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9 thoughts on “TIME FOR THE LAST KISS

  1. “Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you,” writes Rupi Kaur in milk and honey. Love is both wonderous and painful.

  2. I particularly liked the development marked by the time moving forward; this added (for me) an added pathos to the poem.


  3. This was recently published on ‘AllPoetry’ and ‘L Char’ commented, “Wow. What a fine story teller you are! Amazing images, and this was so sad and painful, I could see and feel every word of it. Great write, Allen”

    1. Goodbyes are the saddest things ever! A piece I read recently said “…endings are sad. Give me a happy middle instead…” And I agree with that. Endings are too sad. Luckily, for the character, he has parents who will always love him. Sad poem though, but then it makes us appreciate the never-ending love only our parents can give.

  4. Apart from his sorrow and betrayal, his sadness, the thing that got me was the message that it carries in the end, parents always love their children unconditionally and stands by them through every ups and downs of life, girls come and go, friends change, everything changes but one thing remains same through time,i.e., your parents love, so respect them, live them, give them time. Appreciate it Allen. Cool work.

  5. Betrayal from our loved ones is extremely bad…and while starting all over again is painful, it’s comforting that our family will always welcome us with open arms and stand by us through the tough times.
    I love the added assurance about God’s unending love in the last line.
    This is a sad yet beautiful poem.

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