February 2, 2023


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Factory Reset?

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Factory Rest

Sometimes a poem is like an entry in a journal – the journal of life perhaps.  Sometimes it is like a painting where the brushstrokes have the meaning and the image less so.


Through the blue haze,
With eyes squinting,
Quite softly she asked
‘So you finally came?’
What was I to say?
I was here beside her
After what had seemed
An eternal search.
I decided to be silent –
Her question rhetorical.
I lay there prostrate
And felt her touch my head.
I was suddenly consumed
With unconditional love.


© Allen Ansell 2022


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7 thoughts on “Factory Reset?

  1. When published on PoetBay, Steven Riddle said of this poem, “Wonderfully poem—erotically charged because of the two possible readings of line four. Beautifully done.”

  2. A most divine poem, loving and caring words. I have enjoyed this poem very much. God’s Blessings be upon thee. Thank you for sharing this divine piece.

  3. So cool, so loving poem. It is a short poem but a great one and an awesome one. It reminds us of our ex’s, when we miss our lives ones we also experience the same, but you have done the work of putting these experiences in words, as I earlier said that you have a God’s gift allen.

  4. Short but insightful. The line…”So you finally came?… Reminds me of the silly arguments I and my partner usually engaged in when we both missed each other but were too proud to show it, lol. Anyways, silly banters like this makes a relationship sweeter…winks!

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