February 2, 2023


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Today I held her small hand –
while she wept against my chest –
tenderly, lovingly, in admiration…
my love is all these things and more.
I refrained from weeping
to be, to stay, strong, just for her.
I knew the reason for her sorrow:
There might not be a tomorrow
where we both are here together.
In that moment that is a certainty
we will be painfully parted, torn,
and whoever is left will live in hope
that somehow the Universe will allow –
at some stage, somewhere, the scope
of… a joint continuation.

© Griffonner 2022

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10 thoughts on “A JOINT CONTINUATION

  1. When this was published on PoetBay ‘Jim’ said of it, “It’s almost impossible to express these feelings of missing someone you love so deeply that eternity is not enough, even though you are here, together, now. You’ve done a masterful job here. I feel exactly as you do.”

  2. I liked this Allen; the joint continuation is what we all yearn for, and yet the very act of conjoining between two souls will always include a separation at some point, and that is the price we pay for love.


  3. Someone once told me that “life is a lie and death is the truth” and I agree with it. One day we all will leave this world behind and turn into soil. Only thing which will remain is our soul, if we find a way to continue together as souls what would be better then that. A masterpiece by you allen. Great job.

    1. None of us ‘know’ anything at all that is ‘concrete’ and provable about ‘afterlife’, which is, in a way, the cause of such thinking as I expressed in the first place. Many believe that you experience the very thing that you have created in your mind whilst you are alive. I wonder.

  4. I just remember the quote which says-
    “goodbyes hurt the most, when the story was not finished.” This poem is so heart touching, the pain and the suffering is very well described in your words. The last lines says it all, we hope to meet our loved ones once again… Just loved this poem:) Thank you!

      1. Death is never a good thing. And that is why we are told to live fully every day because tomorrow is never sure. Your poem conveyed the right emotions with the right words and also reminds me to love my loved ones harder…because we don’t know when we will be “painfully parted, torn”. Thank you

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