February 2, 2023


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Formerly entitled ‘CHANGES’


I was looking at moments of unexpected powerful change in life. I doubt the result does justice to the magnitude and significance of the events…



Through the glass wall I passed.

Unknowing. Unfeeling. Unseen.

The journey was without event –

Just the soft hormonal plunge

that stole laughter and gave tears.

And the tears that fell were void –

Without reason, without cause…

Yet they full filled my eyes,

Blurred my vision and thoughts,

Wet my trembling hands…

Hands that sought to give myself comfort

By caressing my automaton face.

No-one would understand me.

No-one would provide me solace.

In that place, behind the clear wall…

I was alone. I was lost. Depressed. Pressed.


Through the glass wall I passed.

One moment driving a country road,

The next engulfed in sudden tears.

Where was the road sign that said,

‘Danger: Depression Ahead’?

There was none. There was one

That said, ‘Uneven Road Ahead’

But I took no heed of its warning,

Driving on oblivious to innuendo

Or the subtle double entendre.

No-one would excuse my error.

No-one would give me back

My memory. My sense of self.

My sense of where I belonged.

In that place, behind the clear wall…

I was no longer in control. Possessed.Taken.


Through the glass wall I passed,

And found myself in heaven…

There was no warning. No signs.

Just the soft blending of our lips,

And the duet of beating hearts.

Nothing was the same. All was changed.

Just she and I would share this…

No-one else could feel this passage to

A place where scent and sound and touch,

And sight and taste and thought,

Were interchanged. Intertwined.

The glass stood beckoning. Teasing. Defiant.

Like a rush of oxygen into a fire.

I plunged headlong behind the clear wall,

And on the other side…

Was heaven.



© Griffonner 2005, 2022

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  1. The rhythm of your lines and spaces is great. The line -‘ And the tears that fell were void’ I found it so relatable. You make one lost in your poems…..keep up the good work, Thank you!

  2. When published on UKAuthors, ‘Mehitable’ said of it, “I know I really like this poem and there are lots of facits to it that I think I completely understand. But it is a poem to read lots of time before you get the entire feeling and content behind it – so, I’ve posted this comment and voted, but I’ll come back in a week or so when I’ve really got to grips and have something constructive or at least intelligent to say (even if it’s just “great poem”). In the mean time, just wanted to say I like the poem.”
    And ’emerald’ commented, “I agree – a fantastic piece of writing – kept me enthralled and engrossed from start to finish.”

  3. I love how your poem draws the reader in and keeps us locked until the very end. The line “Where was the road sign that said, ‘Danger: Depression Ahead’?” is highly relatable. Like, don’t we all need this sign, so that we know when to divert or change lanes? Brilliant piece as usual, Allen. Well done!

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