February 2, 2023


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‘HIDDEN WORDS’ by Naomi Sara

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'HIDDEN WORDS' by Naomi Sara


And my heart wept that day,
shuddering under your indifference,
an icicle slowly meandering its way down my neck
to melt, so cold, in the arch of my back.

But I hid those words,
oh those dreaded words you’d not yet spoken,
those words I did not want to hear,
burning acid, scorching the insides of my stomach,
each syllable a knot tightening, crushing my neck.

And then one morning,
those words came out and struck me down,
just three words, “I met another”,
three simple words, yet so powerful,
carrying along each letter the weight of finality,
the end of a life as I had known it,
my loud banging on a door being nailed shut.

Words, while still hidden deep within you,
let me bathe in the caressing waters of maybes,
but once spilled from your mouth,
drowned me under their crashing wave,
words that sucked the air from my lungs,
as I spiraled deep under each vowel, each consonant,
to resurface gasping, trying to grasp fresh breath.



© Naomi Sara 2022




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5 thoughts on “‘HIDDEN WORDS’ by Naomi Sara

  1. When published on Allpoetry.com ‘Aphasiana’ said of it: “Gorgeous poem. The first stanza describing that icy feeling travelling across the body is sooooooooo good. Then to jump from cold to burning acid is a great move. You made the pain words can inflict palpable.”

  2. I think it’s a masterpiece and absolutely breathtaking poem, I can just feel your words…..The way you are expressing your emotions is just amazing! The line which says – “just three words, I met another” breaks my heart. Very well written, keep going,keep writing:) Thank you!

  3. I found this poem to be such a good evocation of the physical feelings that come out of the spoken words, and an apt rebuttal of that old saw ….”words can never hurt me”. And if we’ve ever been there we can never forget. Thank you Naomi, an excellent work.

  4. Throughout life, we live attaching to things, expecting them to last forever. But they don’t last with us. That is a hidden truth in the life. However, let him go. Because the life may be more sorrowful when we love people who aren’t ready to love you yet! Anyway, thank you Naomi for sharing this poem with us. It makes me emotional.

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