February 2, 2023


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She marked the page with a dab
of red lipstick off her finger.
“I’ll come back to that later.”
I heard her say.

When I bought the book
in that little second-hand shop
at the foot of Dyke Road.
I didn’t spot the fading
kissy fingerprint. No,
I missed it – was more engrossed
with wading through ‘Lallji My Desire’ –
the purpose of my purchase.

But just like a message
written when gifting a book,
or added in a cryptic margin –
once found never to be forgotten.

I wondered who she was…
even when she was, and where?
There was no clue, but her endeavour
may have made her finish reading
‘The Teak Forest’ and been inspired
by the very luscious line
‘your words were flame and your kisses fire’,
so, her lipstick ‘kiss’ makes me inquire
Was she perhaps a sapphic lover of Dear Adela?


© Griffonner 2022

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5 thoughts on “YOUR “KISS” IN THE BOOK

  1. Amazing poem!! You make exquisite use of the words you have captured. An innate talent! Keep thirsting. Keep writing.
    Thank you:)

  2. I’ve come back to this, and it speaks so eloquently of what a page in a book can signify – not quite the same on a Kindle!
    I love old books, having a house full of them , and part of the pleasure is in finding old names and dates and wondering who these previous users were? Of course, we never own a book. So yes, a lovely evocation – thanks Allen


  3. Really beautiful piece of work, another addition to your great writing collection. I won’t go on deep into this poem, but what I would do is appreciate your fabulous writing. I am honoured to be your fan and I feel that you will be scaling heights very soon because of your talent .

  4. As usual, Allen you don’t disappoint with your poems. They are calm and use picture words that make the characters alive and we the reader so engrossed in it. …”Was she perhaps a sapphic lover of Dear Adela? – maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t. But now you got something else to think about apart from the writings of the book, winks.

    1. Ha ha, yes. No doubt Adela (Laurence Hope) was a very complex and deep character. I formed the opinion that she very much needed love in her life, and spent a great deal of time chasing after it. But my, some really great poetry came as a result! In the end though, life became to complicated for her to tolerate and she took her own life. A tragic story.

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