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READING: Tell Her That I Love Her

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Tell Her That I Love Her







Love conquers all (and spellchecks can sometimes be a waste of time!) Written for inclusion in a friend’s book in 2006. Much of the book’s story was set in Holland during WW2 when children were used as couriers – so called ‘ child soldiers’.


She sits beside me as I type, but no-one can see her – we are alone.
She smiles when I type her name, and broadcasts a loving smile.
There is a serenity to this woman – a peace that is rare to find,
an openness too – a big heart; bigger than her halo of golden hair.

She does not always join me – leaving me here to the magic of my Dyn,
sometimes to the pain of a stubborn empty page, or my tears of empathy.
She once asked me, “What is the point?” and although I said we never know, never,
the absurdity was me telling her such things!

Some days we listen to the music. I can see her absorb melody like wine…
no, like nectar… enriching, delighting; for her it is like manna from heaven.
And when some beautiful chord of sound brightens up my room, she says it,
six little words that I know she so desperately wants to hear.

Yesterday, as the sun was setting behind the surrounding trees, she cried.
Had I not turned and looked at her, I would not have known,
there were no audible sobs, just sad green eyes and wet alabaster cheeks…
and drips; salty drips that made the floor tiles wet.

I did not need to ask the reason, for there was anger in the air around us.
What she – they – had endured, beyond all reason, beyond all sanity, beyond,
was spilled across the screen; a vermilion slash of cruel words that questioned
her ending, and thus her beginning. And so, I defended her – for her…
…her beloved tochter.


© Allen Ansell 2022



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22 thoughts on “READING: Tell Her That I Love Her

  1. Thanks Allen

    What a difference, to hear poetry as it is meant – to be recited; and the poem was beautiful. It hardly seems fair to quibble on one minor detail, but the ending- the word tochter is German for daughter right? wasn’t sure where it stood in relation to the rest of the poem.


    1. Thank you for the comment, Dougie. I don’t have a command of the languages involved, the person I wrote this for claimed to have been one of a couple of child soldiers in Holland (as it was more commonly known as then) and it was she who guided me to use tochter instead of dochter. Such a lot of water had gone under the bridge since then that I cannot remember her story with exactitude, but the story is told in the book “Rachel Sarai’s Vineyard”. As far as I know my poem was at the very frontispiece of the book, but sadly the author and myself had a ‘disagreement’ and I was not in contact with her when it was eventually published in 2008, so I do not know if it was used. We lost contact whilst I was receiving radiation treatment for throat cancer. I wrote this very much from inspiration following an experience of sensing the character beside me at my desk.
      It is a shame that the book attracted a great deal of controversy and as far as I know the author eventually withdrew it from sale! I say a shame because I was/am personally convinced of her childhood experiences as being fact and knew her genuine passion in telling her story, but critics ’rounded on it’ and called it all into question.

  2. Thanks Allen

    For explaining the background to the poem; listening to it again made it all the more moving.


  3. When this was published on UKAuthors, ‘red-dragon’ said of it: “My umpteenth time of reading and trying to find a suitable comment. Such a gentle poem with a deft touch of zeitgheist. Well deserving of [the accolade]. Ann.

    And, ‘HelenRussell’ commented: “… you haven’t lost any of your tremendous talent for pouring so much meaning and emotion onto a page. With each new piece of yours that I read I am truly in awe of you.”

    1. Ah Allen, you never disappoint with your poems! I think it is my daily ritual to visit your website and read something because your posts are always so soothing.

      The last two paragraphs evoke raw emotions about what these “child soldiers” had to pass through. But I’m glad that she was able to bring some sort of joy to the character’s life and the character in turn, “defended her – for her”

      1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Helen. I’m se pleased that ‘you got it’ in the sense of what this poem was about. Too often think it is a romantic poem of some kind!
        Have a great day.

  4. This is really inspired me. I think it’s a masterpiece and I especially like the way you express yourself in a raw and gritty way. I liked the part where “leaving me here to the magic of my dyn”.

  5. Wonderful poem Allen, it is so great to read a poem full of raw emotions, love. The poem reminds me of my sweetheart, such a wonderful time it was. I really appreciate your writing, it was a fabulous experience reading it. Really loved it. Heyy dougie tell Allen that I loved his poem “tell her that I love her”.LOL

    1. Thank you, Mike. This gets read by people in so many different ways. It is the wonder of the human mind, able to take a grouping of words and interpret them as is their own will. As the author my satisfaction comes not in the interpretation, but in the appreciation… for which I thank you wholeheartedly.

  6. I really Thanks to Allen It was excellent poem. Because this poem is about love and finally love is eternal and ultimate.

  7. Captivating words. from the first line right to the last.
    I could read poetry like this for days. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the very vivid description of the love; and the unusual metric scheme of the poem, as well as the affection of “Love”. Thanks, Allen!

  9. Your feelings towards the love is excellent Mr. Allen. I read another poem WRITER’S BLOCK
    and it is unbelievable to succeed in different paths.

  10. IF you felt goosebumps while listening to this
    IF you understood each line
    IF you felt empowered –
    Then you are in a wonderful place.

  11. One more best poem I’ve read. I’m crying because in June I lost my boyfriend with cancer and I guess that that door had to close. 🙁 I found a second door that has opened, but I’m afraid for it to close too because he now means the world to me and I hope he and I will be together for ever.

      1. I clicked on the audio first and the voice was so soft and soothing.
        His voice depicted all the emotions in the poem and I’m listening to it again…?
        The description of the melody of music like nectar is so lovely and I’m happy he was able to defend her.

        Beautiful poem!

  12. Poetry is much more than words, it’s the silent voice that speaks to our soul, thank you for sharing – love wins always.

  13. Yes I been sitting with my friend reassuring him he is good man and deserves love I wish it was me he cared for that much he breaks my heart with his words says about her the girl who owns his heart now I envy her I want his words to be for me but all I can do is hear my heart break.

  14. That was an incredibly touching poem. It really moved me and brought out a lot of emotions when listening too. The way you set the scene is very personal, and I felt as if I was there as a bystander. Thanks for sharing.

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