January 28, 2023


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February’s Choice #1

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KNIGHTED by 'Chaotic-Sorceress'

The first of this month’s picks is a poem written by a poet who is resident on allpoetry.com and goes by the pseudonym of ‘Chaotic-Sorceress’.  Your can see more work by ‘Chaotic-Sorceress’ at this URL https://allpoetry.com/Chaotic_Sorceress





I was knighted and became a dame
before I was
a daughter,
a sister,
a warrior born from the ashes of my ancestors,
my first battlecries an unspoken oath
to bear the brunt of the sword and prophecy
the day I was born, those above chanted my name

I sparred with kings and traveled to faraway lands
plagued by war, the fall of my comrades
my blood was a river growing as each wound scabbed over
I learned to cover my eyes with a helmet,
so it would become honorable murder

arrows rained from the skies–punctured what was left
I was knighted before I was your lover
all that remains is an entombed legacy of empires fallen at my feet,
playing by the rules of the rulers I served

we were drunk on stars and in a grove of stilted peace
the kiss broke us into pieces
you parried with words and I struck with thickened armor
when the moon rose, I was alone

the oath was my constant
in a world of varying variables
dueling with the world was like driving the pommel of a sword
into columns of fog, riding bareback chasing…

And sometimes, I wonder if this armor I wear
and the crest that it bears,
was what I wanted after all



© Chaotic-Sorceress 2022


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