February 2, 2023


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My Maternal Grandmother


Such love. Such gentleness. Such care.
You gave these things to me
in all those bygone days when I
was just a just a juvenile. Unaware
of what I had within my life –
of what you gave and introduced;
like handfuls of shiny half-crowns
that could have bought me the moon
had I stored them for later use,
had I cherished them for the thought
behind your heartfelt deed of giving.

Such softness as your fingers
interleaved and slid through mine,
carefully, oh so carefully, cleaning
away the mucky childhood stains
on the wooden draining board of care,
beside the boiler that gasped for air
and spluttered gaseous metaphors
of all the things you were healing
and smoothing away with Knight’s Castile –
the things that burped and interrupted
the smooth joy you wanted to instill
for ever into my cherished life.


© Allen Ansell 2022

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  1. Awesome, it explains the relationship between a grandmother and her grandchild, the love, the bond they share can clearly be understood through this poem. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the love of my grandmother, she passed away when I was 3, and I could read and understand that this must have been the same bond between us. Greatly portrayed their relationship Allen. Keep it up.

  2. Awwwn, this poem reminds me of my grandmother and the bond I share with her. Luckily for me, she is still alive and the moments I get to spend with her (because I live far from her) are always heartwarming and peaceful.
    Allen, you did a good job in describing the love grandmothers have for their children, and thank you for this wonderful piece.

  3. A nicely-written poem Allen. This takes me back to my childhood memories with my grandma.
    “Unaware of what I had within my life –
    of what you gave and introduced;
    like handfuls of shiny half-crowns
    that could have bought me the moon….”
    I read these lines several times. When I was a child, I just saw her unconditional love, kindness and carness. But as an adult, now I can understand how she has shaped my life. All of her actions have influenced me into who I am today. Actually, no one can replace the role of a grandmother.

    1. Such a considered comment, for which I am very grateful, Amanda. I have come to realise that ALL that has been – people places and things – in my life, have mad me what I am. My grandmother taught me love, I’m sure. 🙂

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