February 2, 2023


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‘See The Light In Humanity’ – by Joseph Moon

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'See The Light Of Humanity' - by Joseph Moon

Joseph Moon is a fellow poet on allpoetry.com who hails from New Jersey, USA.   Presently you can see more of his work at https://allpoetry.com/Joseph_Moon






My palms are point’d heavenward

they rest on my tender heart.

A humble man, I bow my head. A gesture of honor and respect

toward my fellow humankind for the moon within each other.

Tis an acknowledgment of

our oneness’

Verily, we need that these days.



© Josepth Moon 2022


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8 thoughts on “‘See The Light In Humanity’ – by Joseph Moon

  1. When this was published on allpoetry.com, ‘ Writinstuffs’ said of it: ‘Do we ever need it, people feel rather hopeless lately and many feel so alone; we must remember that we are “all one tribe”. Beautiful lines.’ AND ‘VanishingMike’ remarked: ‘Loved how you conveyed the spirit of ‘oneness’ or the essential underlying unity of all humankind … and how important it is for all of us to seek this unity in each other … Inspired Work!’

    1. The message of this poem is so on point!
      It drives it point towards humility and respect for every person. And also the rich benefits of unity and togetherness.
      The last line got me….”we certainly need that these days”

  2. Creative writing. Fabulous work Joseph. “Oneness” , people say there is strength in oneness, with unity people freed their nations, with unity people won so many wars. There is a saying one and one makes eleven. A really awesome or should I say meaningful writing. Hope to see your more work in future.

  3. Wow! This short but insightful poem beautifully captures how we should treat one another with kindness and respect because we are one and together – irrespective of our different race, gender or sexuality. We all are one and humanity is our religion. Well done Joseph Moon!

  4. Short, but very powerful! We are all unique, we are all equally worthy of making our own choices, and living our own lives. And through mutual respect comes understanding and a bigger view of everything that makes us the same yet so very different. We not only need more of these poems, but also more of these thoughts within each person. I brought a smile to my face. thank you!

  5. Such a great poem showing how ww must atrive to live peacefully and acknowledge each others with all our differences and shortcomings and live in oneness and understanding. The last three lines are the best.

  6. This is a very timely poem. we should understand that all living beings are an extension of us. So, we should treat everyone equally regardless of race, nationality or gender. If so we can build up unity or harmony among all people. But I would say, according to the things I read in Buddhism, oneness is beyond these ideals and it is defined as the reality of life or the understanding of life. Joseph, I wish you all the best

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