February 2, 2023


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Eternal Love

I concentrated,
On her every word –
The blink of her eye,
The turn of her head,
And her hand touching
Her glorious hair.
And every sound she made
Floated joyously
Like tiny white feathers
That never landed –
Never attenuated –
Could never be lost.


She was embedded
Forever in my mind:
Never to be forgotten


But there came a moment
When I turned my head –
I know not why –
And I was consumed
By the mounting pyre.
The spectacle of wood
Stacked purposefully,
My stomach lurched,
I felt the heat and flame.
She called out my name.


I was someone else
She was eradicable.
She was unchangeable –

Save she had passed through the fire.



© Allen Ansell 2021


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5 thoughts on “A DREAM OF A PAST LIFE

  1. When this was published under the title ‘Eternal Love’, ‘Uncle Meridian’ said of it: “I value the cadence, resolute and careful at the same time. Measured without being metronomic. A powerful poem!”

  2. Such a great poem Allen, the way you described her movements, and made the use of imagery is incredible. Now I think that you have embedded her in my mind also. A really awesome poem, enjoyed reading it. And to be honest I have been in joy since I started reading on your website. Appreciate it.

      1. She was entrenched in your heart forever, proving just how deep love is.
        And the way you vividly described her movements is beautiful.
        Interesting poem!

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