February 2, 2023


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Paper stares at me
its ashen face bleached of ink.
Its emptiness a hint
that I shan’t kiss you any more.

Woven wooden fibres,
pressed hard and tight,
await my nibs caress,
but I can’t touch you now.

Creases – in the corner –
like laughter lines
mock my aching heart
that lives déclassé    here.

And in the emptiness that’s there
unwritten are the words,
that reverberate,
inside my head,
but daren’t ever be spoken.


© Allen Ansell 2022



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6 thoughts on “READING: WRITER’S BLOCK

  1. When this was originally published on UKAuthors, in 2006, ‘Bradene’ said of it: “Allen Wonderful work… really enjoyed listening to it. love Val x” And ‘Zoya’ said, “Very well crafted, work of art! Yes, blank paper does speak to you, invites you, to write on, yet you have a writer’s block… I believe, there is a love relationship between the writer and the paper, and a writer does touch the sacred paper like a lover, caressingly… I even love the smell of paper, don’t you.”

  2. For a writer his pen and paper are the most important things. Where would a writer write if there is no paper and how will the paper fulfill its purpose of being made if some great, Inspiring, or some of the best literature is not written on it. Paper has a purpose and a writer helps it fulfill it, empty paper looks okayish but when writer imprints his words on it, its beauty gets 100x and it is the best a paper can look. At last I would like appreciate you Allen and congratulate you for another awesome writing. Best wishes.

  3. What an interesting poem Allen. You really know how to capture a person’s attention with your titles. I was drawn through intrigue. 🙂

  4. I am a writer and this piece captures the frustration and desperation I feel whenever I have writer’s block especially when there is an upcoming deadline. Like, there are plenty things to write but putting it down on paper takes forever. Like you said, the paper stares back at me and it hints of the emptiness I feel within.

  5. This is a wonderful and different piece. You have implicitly and beautifully expressed the condition faced by a writer of being unable to create a piece of written work because something in the writer’s mind prevents him or her from doing it. I wish you to create many beautiful writings like this without any block, Allen.

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