February 2, 2023


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'Swifts' by D G Moody


Swirling high in the blue sky

their yachting wings bringing

them across Africa and Spain;

Swifts will soon be returning;

homing back to our village again.

Then I can only crane my neck

to follow them as aloof they fly –

low and high, quartering the sky.

They cannot share their world;

any love for them is always vain,

all they care for are bugs and air.

I can only watch while they soar,

leaving me below – lost in awe.

© D G Moody 2022



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12 thoughts on “‘Swifts’

  1. Thank your for sharing, Dougie. It is a lovely poem, and it reflects how my wife and I felt looking up at hundreds of geese arriving home to a local lake the other day. As we walked indoors after they had all passed over, my wife said, “Bless them! They have travelled so far.”
    I concur with you, we can only watch in awe – and love them for the way they enrich our lives.

  2. Thank you Allen

    For the kind comments. We’ve become more involved with Swifts due to putting up Swift boxes, and they are such interesting aeronauts.


  3. “all they care for are bugs and air…” That line was funny but very true, lol. Reminds me of when I was little and enjoyed bird watching from our balcony. Nowadays, we are too busy with life that we fail to stand still and enjoy the little things that makes living beautiful. Thanks Dougiemoody, as always, your poem was a delight!

  4. Thanks for the comment Helen; it shouldn’t be long now before we see them skimming the air.

  5. Well, if you understand it deeply(I don’t know if you meant to write it that way), it shows the reality, living beings only care about what they need and not about what other wants, like in this scenario swift wants bug while writer wants to spend some time with him. And about, they going and coming back, if they won’t go anywhere you won’t have the joy of seeing them after a span of time. Appreciate it dougie, best wishes.

  6. Thanks Mike; and yes it is Swifts and other creatures going about their business without any need to accommodate it to our wishes.

  7. Oh, I love the simplicity of this poem. It feels so innocent and yet, in its quiet elegance, reminds me of my grandfather, who was an avid bird lover. Reading this, I felt as though I was feeling the love for his precious birds through his eyes. Thank you for evoking this lovely memory of my grandfather through your graceful words.

    1. Thank you Jenny, for your kind words, and I’m glad this poem reminded you of your grandfather – he must have been a lovely man.

      Best wishes…….Dougie

  8. Sometimes poetry is just seeing the beauty in the little simple things. It feels distant and yet very close. Just reading this makes me feel thankful for a clear blue sky and the air that runs past my face. Nice wording!

    1. Thanks Belanger (or is it Thomas?) We are so fortunate here near the English Fens, we get so many varieties of birdlife, not least our Swifts.

  9. Birdwatching brings so much peace and wonder into the life. It is fascinating, beautiful and intriguing thing. But until we’re not birders, we will not be able to understand how their life is. As you said here, we only can watch and birds cannot share their world with us. However, It may not be as beautiful as we see it. Your poem nicely conveys this truth, dougiemoody.

    1. Thanks Amanda. I’ve grown to appreciate our birdlife in the lockdown, and non more so than the Swifts. They are now fully present; and we have a corner of the village where they nest and swoop close to where we stand. It’s good to know they are going about their own life, without regard to our petty concerns.

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