February 2, 2023


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‘Slava Ukraini !’

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'Slava Ukraini !' by D G Moody


How can I write a poem

about the murder of a nation,

it’s history, life, and culture,

when all I can do is watch,

grieving for brave Ukraine.

An ageing man’s conceit,

to inflict this dreadful war,

that must end in his own defeat.

While I cannot share your pain,

my heart shall ever be true to you;

that by your bravery the world

shall see you come through.

© D G Moody 2022

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10 thoughts on “‘Slava Ukraini !’

  1. So sad that Ukraine is going through this devastating war just because of one man’s greed. Your poem says it all though – while we cannot share their pain, our hearts will remain true to them. We stand with them in these trying times and hope that Putin comes to his sense – on time. Brave Ukraine will overcome this!

    1. I reciprocate your thoughts, Helen. The only thing I wonder about is the real motivation for this Russian act of plundering and murder, because what does Putin stand to gain if it is greed? He is now shunned by the major part of the World, in my opinion (and surely he realises this) he will never be trusted, or treated with any kind of respect in the future. He is effectively finished in the eyes of people.

  2. Thanks for the comments Allen and Helen. One added motivation I read about recently, is Putin’s hunger for the huge wheat resources; the same as with Hitler; and he wouldn’t need the cities or its people – they would be expendable.

  3. I partly agree with you dougie, I feel bad for the people of Ukraine, but I think that Putin is doing what he should do, if Ukraine joins NATO and comes closer to USA and the west, it will pose a threat to russia and its borders, I believe he is telling the world dont even try to conspire against russia, doing what a strong leader should do, they are not attacking them to capture their country, just to demilitarize them. And the people who are suffering because of world politics, I feel really bad for them and I think they should be provided with every humanitarian help possible. I hope it’s over soon l and USA stops interfering everywhere.

  4. Thank you Mike, for commenting; and while I disagree with your reasoning I respect your right to state it.

  5. They are always better options but one man choose war over any form of diplomacy.
    Just like Hitler, it will definitely end in his downfall.

    Keep it up Dougie.

  6. Thanks Kathy. I’m thinking of suggesting a ‘Curse Putin Day’. If we could get millions of people worldwide to coordinate it, then his head might explode. Meanwhile, he goes on murdering thousands.

  7. It is very true, Dougiemoody. That war is wrong on all counts. innocent people are dying there because of greed of one person for power. A strong call out against tyranny. Thank you for sharing this piece.

    1. Thanks Amanda. And yes, just one man; or, is it also the complicity of those who are sycophants? Could Putin have done (and continues to do) such acts of barbarism solely on his own? I suspect that there is a deep rot at the core of Russian society; letting criminals take over the nation.

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