February 2, 2023


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In our twosome kitchen –
on the glazed cupboard door –
hangs a tiny wooden heart
by a blood red ribbon.

The heart is not alone:
Beside it is a tiny bell
and a small brass disk
on which are lightly engraved
the letters L, U, D and O.

If I jiggle the ribbon
the bell jingles, and all
the remaining feline ears
within this tranquil house
prick up – I’m sure with sorrow.

For me, now, as tomorrow,
tears fill my ancient eyes.

Beside these things that hang,
on an adjoining handle,
my wife has a small plaque
engraved with soothing words:
‘A cat’s purr never lies’

Unfortunately, it dies.

© Allen Ansell 2022

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11 thoughts on “IN OUR TWOSOME KITCHEN

  1. U got sadness and transformed it to something beautiful! I just loved the way you describe the little things in the poem, just like a blood red ribbon. Losing a pet is devastating because they become a part of our family. They have a profound impact on your life and this poem explains it all.
    Good work, thank you.

  2. Losing a pet is never easy. It’s like losing a loved one that we are attached to and shared so many beautiful memories with. Allen, you did a good job in turning all that sadness and happy memories into a beautiful poem for your beloved cat, well done!

  3. So true Allen, cats are such a loving pets, I never bought one but once for few days a kitty came to live at pur house and stayed for about 2-3 weeks and I used to take care of her play with her, it was really fun and one day a stray dog killed her. It was very sad to see her dead and we missed her. Last line was so true it doesnt lie, it dies. So nicely written about the life of a kitten. Very nice.

  4. This was beautiful and heartbreaking. Described so simply, yet elegantly, it evokes visions of my own beloved pets and the inevitable sadness that will come with losing them. Those days come too soon. So Lovely.

  5. A sad story…
    It can be so heartbreaking to lose a pet, especially one that you shared a unique bond with.
    But you converted the sadness to a well-written piece.
    Nice work Allen.
    I won’t forget to add that the small details like the blood red ribbon and the jingling belI were clearly expressed.

  6. In fact, the bond between pets and humans is really amazing. especially cats have strong bond with humans and they are lovely creatures. So, A loss of a pet is truly heartbreaking. Anyway this is sad but you have nicely written it, Allen!

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