February 2, 2023


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‘Under her Chapeau’ by Naomi Sara

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'Under Her Chapeau' by Naomi Sara



She puts on her make-up,
to the moon a tribute,
a mist before the storm
as fragile as a moment,
untouchable as time,
as pure as the wind before

Her hair spreads out
like the summer sun
making love to a
golden field of wheat,
as shadow and light
design upon her body,
mountains and forests
and islands full of treasures

And under her chapeau,
she dances beneath
flashes of neon bright
on a smoky dim lit stage,
chasing the stars,
the moon, the night,
her heart and mind
in melodious flutters
and metrical leaps

Pulsated to another place,
another time,
forgetting her present
until the explosion
of applauses arise,
upfill and die

And night after night,
she lets herself be
carried away,
humming in unison,
becoming the music,
totally alive,
euphoric and wild,
captivated inside
her moment

Always burning with the
desire to…
oh to always be free,
so if you take her
by the hand
don’t ask fate
for anything more
for it is she who holds it

Let her cloud you,
let her be transparent,
let her love you,
let her be carefree,
don’t take the
pleasure she has
to never settle down

And let her fly above,
let her hold on to
her independence,
let her love you but
do not try to tame her,
leave her run with savagery,
let her keep her wildness

For under her chapeau,
she will forever wander
throughout the tangled
forests of her spirited soul,
dancing to the pounding
rhythm of her own heartbeat.


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8 thoughts on “‘Under her Chapeau’ by Naomi Sara

  1. Excellent poem Naomi – thank you for sharing: I thought you evoked her spirit, and I had to google Chapeau; and also found it means respect for a person.

  2. Naomi Sara writes on ALLPOETRY.COM and when her poem “Under Her Chapeau’ was published there, member “Papa Mama Jama” said of it: ‘dancing to the pounding rhythm of her own heartbeat’ great line great poem love the dark and broken sensuality of the character…this is so good, great read, Naomi… thanks.

  3. Lovely poem, Naomi! I had to google the meaning of Chapeau to better understand your beautiful poem…lol. Thank God I did. It made me understand that we like the character sometimes cover up our feelings, worries and our real selves. And the only time we can really enjoy our true selves and live in the moment is to wear a mask that gives us a temporary illusion of “nobody is watching us”. We all need a chapel to help us stay in touch with our real selves.

  4. A Poetry without a girl is like football without Brazilian footballers, Also, whoever Naomi Sara wrote that poem for, She definitely smashed it.

  5. Yeah, yeah this is what every artist should feel like, enjoy the work they do the way the do it. As we hear some sad news that this actor committed suicide because of depression, this and that. Everyone should whatever makes them happy and brings joy to them. Really good poem ms. Sara. Special one I would say. Really awesome the way you described her joy but unfortunately the truth is bitter.

  6. The fact that she used a girl in this poem is spot on!
    I even thought that I was the only person who checked for the meaning of chapeau.
    Being an embodiment of gifts, she fights relentlessly until she reaches her goal.
    Her love for freedom and the independent spirit is superb.

    Such a brilliant poem!

  7. I can’t help the feeling that the woman in the poem is alone on stage the whole time, a silent room with only the music in her head, under a single spotlight…. The whole poem has a little eerie feel to it, although she seems perfectly happy. But I like it a lot.

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