February 2, 2023


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Grief of a loss

Face, by Amine M'Siouri . Pixabay



Just a grief of a loss

while standing askance,

staring into the mirror;

from now on – all alone,

half a pair of scissors.

© D G Moody.2022

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11 thoughts on “‘Widower’

  1. This is deep…. We all lose people one way or the other and it hurts badly. Most times not to death but to anger, pride or even quarrels that don’t matter. But losing a beloved one, particularly someone you have spend the best part of your life with is so disheartening. The pain never goes away but we have to learn to cope with it. Love this poem.

  2. Whoa, it hits. Just a few lines, explains the pain, grief of the person who loses his partner. Who would know it better than me, I lost my father and grandfather in a span of 3 months, heartbreaking. I cannot imagine the pain my mother suffers through. Yeah and the last line, half a pair of scissors, such a good example, perfectly used. Keep it up dougie.

  3. Wow. The imagery of “half a pair of scissors” truly evokes the sentiment felt when losing your other half. I’ve attempted to use half a pair of scissors before. It’s nearly impossible. You need both sides to work properly. As in a partnership. When your other half is gone, it’s nearly impossible to function. Sorrowful and lovely imagery created by this single line. Beautiful.

    1. A short poem of few lines…
      I loved the way you likened it to a pair of scissors, while simply conveying the emotions felt.
      It’s saddening to lose a loved one, and just like a pair of scissors, one cannot function effectively without their better half.
      Simple yet stylishly written.

    2. Thanks for the comment Jenny; and I’m glad you appreciate the analogy. From my own experience of helping others, it is what it seems to be.

  4. A very heartfelt poem. These few lines really made me feel the loneliness of a widower.
    “half a pair of scissors”…Your use of this metaphor is amazing.
    Sad, but it’s beautiful dougiemoody

    1. Thank you Amanda – I appreciate your comments. This one has been through several versions – here and on other sites.

  5. Loosing the one we love ia such a painful experience. I feel the writer’s pain shared in this poem. But as much as it pains to be left alone, we find strength and move forward on life. That is life.

  6. Thanks Kiula. Another reflection on this is, that when two people live as one, when one of them dies it leaves behind half a person; but then that person must build upon the memories to make up for the loss.

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