February 2, 2023


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I pinched Coolhermit's title as my opening line! Well, it was his poem that inspired me to write this: Pale in comparison I feel, but heartfelt.


(Inspired by Coolhermit’s ‘One Bright Morning’)

One bright morning
As the sun lit his room,
He realised that passion
Had a deeper meaning
Than he’d ever given credit for.
All those ladies
Who’d blessed his lust with gold;
Who’d given love in kind;
Had filled his diary,
Were fleeting notions to fill a verse.
But there was one –
I think Jenny’s her name –
Who came now out of nowhere
To take his hand again
Leading him to real paradise.
When that moment –
Magical as his life –
Flashed like rainbow lightening
On blank pristine pages,
He was gone away with the faeries.
Shirley checking
Her stocking seams are straight,
He knowing what it meant
To give the World such verse –
Just nectar. No kisses, and no sex…

Just reclusive poetic magic!

© Allen Ansell 2022



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6 thoughts on “FANCIFUL ODE

  1. A good poem Allen, and as usual with your work it tells a story without without falling into hyperbole. And I liked the subtle rhyming just as much.


  2. A very subtle one! I love that little air of mystery surrounding the encounter. Some hints of an erotic nature, without going into detail, and leaving the reader in doubt. Thumbs up!

  3. Allen, your poem is a very creative read. This reminds me someone I have fallen deep for. Actually, I could never find the spiritual feelings of love with anyone other than him. Unfortunately, I was unable to express my love to him. But he will always remain in my heart.
    Yes I know it’s a fantasy which cannot be bringing into reality. But it keeps me alive forever…

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Amanda. We all interpret words in different ways – in as much as we create an image in our mind’s eye of what we are reading, and , of course, no two ‘minds’ will have the same image (as far as we know!) Because I wrote this, and had knowledge of my late friend ‘CoolHermit’ and his works, I doubt anybody would see my words in quite the same way as I do. You might be interested to know that CoolHermit’s poem which inspired this work of mine, can be read on Parapraxis, here (it is the second poem entitled ‘One Bright Morning’.

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