February 2, 2023


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Song For Fizzy

I should explain the ‘Fizzy’ was one of a group of friends I made on an online forum – not longer on the Web.  He died at a pretty young age and I was inspired to write this in his memory.


When first we see the light of day,

It is a waking from more brilliant light:

From another world far more real.

And for a short while, to comfort us,

Is left a memory from whence we came.

Life begins in our mother’s arms,

And from the very first of her soft kisses

The vision fades as with a lost dream.


“Our birth is but a sleep, and a forgetting:

The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting,

And cometh from afar.”

[William Wordsworth]

Ticks the clock, silently, remorselessly, unstoppable.

Harmonics spreading through endless forms:

Heartbeats thumping through lusty dreams,

Fingers tapping impatiently on a worktop,

Breath sucking and blowing on a winter window,

The count of a processor running hot.

The ripple of water cascading from a mountain stream.

Sweeps the hand, revolving, unendingly, round and round.

Shadows cast on an enamelled face.

Hands heaving on the heathen boot.


And in all this earthly manifest

Fizzy is now but a amorphous dream.


© griffonner 2022



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6 thoughts on “SONG FOR ‘FIZZY’

  1. Excellent poem Allen. I liked the Wordsworth reference, and the overall theme resonated with me; and while I we may wonder what happens after death we seldom consider what happens before birth.

  2. Even if we have a laugh and a chat with strangers on the web, who become acquaintances without a face, there is still a connection that is lost when they disappear. And with family or close friends, death is a definite goodbye and a sadness you have to carry along, but with faceless friends who disappear from your life, the feeling remains that one day they could be back, even if you know better….

    1. Very true, Belanger. I find myself even thinking that erstwhile acquaintances could somehow reappear in my life… have sometimes even searched every passing face when visiting towns where I once lived or worked. It was futile of course because in my minds eye I had a picture of the person as they were not as they might be after the passage of time. As you said in your comment to ‘Maybe Ad Infinitum’ the times of mixing with real people in that way have greatly diminished since the advent of Covid 19. 🙁

  3. We would be impossible to know what fate had in store for us. Life is full of uncertainties. Time of death is uncertain. But death is certain…Dying too young is really sorrowful, but death is an inconvenient truth of life. Better it is to live the life having realized the nature of the world.

    1. Hello Amanda. Thank you for your comment. I think that I could add something to your string about death, and that is that we none of us know either what the main purpose of our lives are. Are some people born to die young? If so, why? The whole thing is a conundrum isn’t it. My guess is that ‘Fizzy’ know – at least the life after death bit! Thanbs again for contributing to Parapraxis. Allen

  4. Time is unstoppable, it will not stop for anything, earth will rotate no matter what, with time we make many memories and many we forget after sometime and some are stuck like a rock in our minds. Some very unimportant things are there of our childhood which we remember but some important impactful things we forget. The quote you used is very moving and evocative, and it is absolutely true. Even death is not the end, there is afterlife we dont know how it is but we know that the death is not the end. A very thought provoking poem allen.

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