February 2, 2023


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‘Until The Door Opens’ by Ingvar Loco Nordin

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Until The Door Is Opened by Ingvar Loco Nordin


When someone has died

in the hospital,

the rucksack sits at home

refusing to take in the facts,

expecting soon to be picked up

in passing

en route out to the bike

like every work day


For a time,

inside the locked apartment,

the deceased stays alive in all things

still owning their purposes,

their household commissions;

the bed expecting

to have its pillows arranged,

the alarm clock eagerly waiting to be turned off,

the lamp, according to time of day,

expecting to be either turned on or off


It is painful

to enter and interrupt all objects

in their preparedness;

to belittle them,

take them off duty

and see them transform into property left,

but only then is the deceased properly dead,

himself become a thing amongst things,

an object

for ceremonial sorrow

and pain


– but for as long as no one sticks the key

into the front door

and enters the kingdom of things,

that up to that moment revels in its naturalness

around a living person,

everything is as it should

among kettles, coffee cups, boiler,

humming fridge and freezer,

the pantry’s richness of cereals and grains,

wardrobes stuffed with clothes

and the living room’s CD-player

and the TV on standby


…until the door opens…


©  Ingvar Loco Nordin  2022

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4 thoughts on “‘Until The Door Opens’ by Ingvar Loco Nordin

  1. This is good. I liked the way you have set the scene of the empty apartment – a Schrodinger’s Cat situation; and the living are alive until we know otherwise; much here to contemplate.

  2. So true Mr. Nordin all the things you stated above are nothing but facts, unfortunately, I went through it just a few months back when my father passed away and I can tell when it happens it brings the memories and get you sad and crying. So nicely put in words, you have a real talent, keep bringing us these.

  3. My favorite phrase is “locked apartment” because it reminds me well that all compounded things are impermanent. We perceive ourselves as that human beings are immortal, separate from everything else. But, we have to leave all the things someday. If everything stand by until door opens for another how can belong them to us…? We simply rent everything including our bodies. even the “I” we think is so permanent is an illusion. So, you have forced us here to embrace the truth of the temporary nature of life.

  4. Death happens when you least expect. All things will remain as they were the last moment you take your breath.. This poem tells a story of how we human beings are things among many other things and we will not live forever. I love how you have narrated the story and it tells everything in a perfect way.

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