February 2, 2023


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‘The Novice’

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'The Novice' by D G Moody


Awakening Sunday morning

to the soul’s quiet decorum;

slips the night’s ease,

into my body a gentle peace;

lying passive in bed –

recalling poetry, I’ve never read.

Suddenly the inadvertent rooster’s crow,

vain foolish bird named Romeo;

yet we have something in common,

our shared concern is woman.

Queen of forgetful night

release this poet’s blind sight.

Sleep dispels to the birds’ dawn singing,

followed by the Lauds bell ringing;

calling to chapel, to prayer and fasting,

to praising God, for life everlasting;

but my heart’s real wish?

Ah, ’tis a woman’s gentle kiss!

Dear God allow me once again

to feel and accept the necessary pain,

of holding the living being in trust

and not despising a natural lust;

for what it means to be in love:

that sad sweet mystery from above.


© D G Moody 2021



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4 thoughts on “‘The Novice’

  1. When this was published on UKAuthors web site, Valdohren commented: ‘Lovely reflective poem Dougie. You are so lucky to have found your soul mate. I have been married, now widowed, but he was not my soul mate. Still looking, but at my age now, fear I shall never find. Enjoyed reading.’

  2. Thanks Allen

    If I have ever written one poem that I would want to be saved from the waves – it would be this one. It came unbidden many years ago, when I was living something very close.


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