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Guided Binaural Raft

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Guided Binaural Raft


Burning, in the dark of night,
when all the fires have dimmed.
In that unbroken silence
and thick soup of black fog –
once the realm of my childhood fears –
I welcome every licking flame,
every phantom ray of energy,
to burn away the unwelcome dream.

Raging passion of desire
consumes all rationale –
for this dream is yet undreamt
and touches me with such
infinitesimal caresses
it is as if I am paralysed;
frozen with fear for what might just be
lurking around the nearing corner.

Turning, in the face of death,
back to mightier things:
considering immortal
variegated Gods,
and virgin white apparitions
materialised with feathered wings.
Seeking for their touch or blessed kiss
with which to become resurrected.

Leaning on the strange man’s voice
who whispers in weird tones
affirmations for my soul –
accompanied by
the amplified purr of a cat!
I must love myself and believe him.
Without at least this binaural raft
I might be lost forever – burning.


© Allen Ansell 2008, 2021

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1 thought on “Guided Binaural Raft

  1. This was first published on the 16th May 2008 on UKAuthors.com. Of it ‘Sunken’ said, “I think this is a braver write than many might realise. I could be totally wrong, but either way, it makes for a very strong submission.’ and ‘Tina’ said, “Dear Allen – I must say that the fifth line of the last stanza came as a complete surprise. I truly believe that our feline friends do have a sixth sense. Mine, sure does.
    A deeply moving piece, courageously written. Your 16th May, 2008 sounds like my 2nd November, 2001. Funny how some dates we remember forever – whether we choose to, or not.
    I haven’t got any sunshine I can send you this weekend so instead my wishes to you and yours for a peaceful one. Love from Tina.’

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