February 2, 2023


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‘An Unwritten Story’ by Luigi Pagano

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The script is ongoing and may run and run;

'An Unwritten Story' by Luigi Pagano

One day, someone
will write a story
of hard-fought battles,
victory and glory.

Now, though, the war
is brutal and violent
and the big guns
are not yet silent.

The fight is bitter;
there is no denying
that many combatants
are hurt or dying.

Premature to talk
of a triumphal parade
while still enduring
a fierce cannonade.

If the antagonism is
particularly vehement
there’ll be no chance
to reach an agreement.

The script is ongoing
and may run and run;
it will be written
at the point of a gun.

The author could be
the saint or the sinner,
the copyright belonging
to the ultimate winner.


© Luigi Pagano 2022

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7 thoughts on “‘An Unwritten Story’ by Luigi Pagano

  1. Wow I mean it was really good, the last two stanzas are my favourite, the way you have connected a movie and a war is just terrific. There is a very nice use of rhyming and rhyming scheme is cool. The thing is that war is always a hit movie with a sad ending.

  2. I am so glad you liked the poem and the sentiments expressed in it., Mike, and you are absolutely right: no conflict has a happy ending.

    Best wishes, Luigi

  3. When published on ABCTales.com:
    ‘Rhiannon’ said of this poem: “Defendants don’t have much choice about fighting, other than trying to talk and encourage others to mediate, but they too can act in anger and exasperation sometimes and so provoke. Attackers probably have a feeling of right motive, and can be persuaded so. And can also do horrific acts that they may well regret. We see daily little mirrors of friends, neighbours and family quarrels and anger.
    There will be tales of real heroism, bravery, self-sacrifice to rescue others, and of divine restraining and rescue, that emerge eventually.

    [STET] The author has given the text of two other comments that have been made in relation to ‘An Unwritten Story’ on ABCtales. These are set out below:

    ‘Turlough’ commented: ‘Excellent words, Luigi, but I wonder if there are ever any real winners in war. Perhaps the winners are just those who lose the least.’
    ‘David Kirtley’ also commented. He said: ‘Great poem! It seems to describe quite accurately where this awful war is right now in its development!’

  4. I think the last stanza is the most powerful part of this poem. Are the soldiers in a war, sinners or heroes? It is really a mater of personal ethics. In my understanding, It depends on their purpose. Anyway, you have delivered a good message and ballad quatrain rhyme scheme, you followed here is nice.

  5. I love how thoughtful and well composed this story is. War is violent and always changes people and societies in an unimaginable ways. The pain in described by the author can be felt by many. The stories of triumph and failures will always be written by those who survive the war ,the heroes and the villains always glorifies themselves. Great story .

    1. So pleased that you liked the poem, Kuala, and thank you for letting me have your analysis which goes straight to the point. Much obliged.

      Kind regards, Luigi

  6. A very relevant comment, Amanda. Thank you. for your kind feedback. As you rightly say, deciding who is the villain is a matter of personal ethics. I am of a generation whose philosophy was “make love, not war”. It is a concept that has served me well throughout my life. and, though it may sound idealistic, I still hold that opinion.
    Best regards, Luigi.

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