February 2, 2023


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Tell Her That I Love Her

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Tell Her That I Love Her


Love conquers all (and spellchecks can sometimes be a waste of time!) Written for inclusion in a friend’s book in 2006. Much of the book’s story was set in Holland.


She sits beside me as I type, but no-one can see her – we are alone.
She smiles when I type her name, and broadcasts a loving smile.
There is a serenity to this woman – a peace that is rare to find,
an openness too – a big heart; bigger than her halo of golden hair.

She does not always join me – leaving me here to the magic of my Dyn,
sometimes to the pain of a stubborn empty page, or my tears of empathy.
She once asked me, “What is the point?” and although I said we never know, never,
the absurdity was
me telling her such things!

Some days we listen to the music. I can see her absorb melody like wine…
no, like nectar… enriching, delighting; for her it is like manna from heaven.
And when some beautiful chord of sound brightens up my room, she says it,
six little words that I know she so desperately wants to hear.

Yesterday, as the sun was setting behind the surrounding trees, she cried.
Had I not turned and looked at her, I would not have known,
there were no audible sobs, just sad green eyes and wet alabaster cheeks…
and drips; salty drips that made the floor tiles wet.

I did not need to ask the reason, for there was anger in the air around us.
What she – they – had endured, beyond all reason, beyond all sanity, beyond,
was spilled across the screen; a vermilion slash of cruel words that questioned
her ending, and thus her beginning. And so, I defended her – for her…
…her beloved tochter.


© Allen Ansell 2006, 2022


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3 thoughts on “Tell Her That I Love Her

  1. When this was published on UKAuthors, ‘Ionicus’ said of it: “Dear Allen, nice to see you back in top form. This is truly a sparkling gem. A highly enjoyable read.”

    And ‘wfgray’ commented: “An absolute marvellous piece of poetry that made me turn around to look at the lady who was spent the last sixty two years at my side. A wonderful poem and a delihtful read. Will”

  2. We are only made whole by the love we find in others; this speaks to me of this truth. Another gem Allen.

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