February 2, 2023


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‘THE NEWCOMER’ by Ingvar Loco Norvin

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'The Newcomer' by Ingvar Loco Norvin


The signal reaches me
from the young woman’s apartment
below mine;
a muffled beep, repeated ten times
or more

She’s a newcomer;
her name jumping at you
off her front door;

Checking her
by all the means available
on the Internet,
personally and voluntarily left sprawling
for one and all,
I find her at age thirty,
an accountant consultant, single,
moving in here from the country side,
keeping a horse for riding
out at her parental farm,
quite, if not unnaturally, silent,
not a peep
with the exception of aforementioned beep,
perchance uneasy
at moving in amongst neighbours
making this area their habitat since decades,
even half a century or more

The lady is in the money, it appears;
her black, shiny automobile out below
not inexpensive in the least,

but she reveals a lonely appearance,
showing up at times with a doggy,
which she, of course, can’t leave here,
when splitting for work early morns;
most likely keeping her comrade
back at the farm

At the outset I jumped at the muffled signal
from her alarm clock,
whereas now it comforts me

My investigations revealed Sanna, the newcomer,
as an intelligent, orderly, shy, lonely and independent
young human,
completely turning my initial beep reaction around,
from irritation to the appreciation of a sign of life,
on a comfy, amiable, neighbourly note


© Ingvar Loco Nordin 2022

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4 thoughts on “‘THE NEWCOMER’ by Ingvar Loco Norvin

  1. This poem intrigued me; the overall impression it made on me was the way in which we relate to others, here a newcomer into the apartment below is formed in the writers mind from small observations and research. It could easily be sinister, but no, the intention is to relate with what is found, or so I felt. Thank you Ingvar.

  2. This was different, you don’t get to see these kind of poems here. It gave me a great thought not judge people too quick, things might seem different than they are, we should not pass judgment about someone too quick. Nice description though, you could make a good detective too, just kidding. Nice writing.

    1. Well, I w as a detective, up to retirement! That is, a crime investigator and interviewer at the Swedish Police…

  3. Masterpice. I love everything about this poem, the way you described her is astonishngly well. Good to see that women can be represented as independent and able to climb the ladder by themselves in the societies. Thank you for this poem.

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