February 2, 2023


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She has finally capped the well,

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 Her teeth white as milk

and a complexion so fair,

the spring sun does now

tint her rich auburn hair;

for now, the blush of youth

ripens to a comely grace,

as all Springtime’s pleasures

she most willingly embrace,

In the gladness of her face.


Summer comes glad to stay,

while she enjoys every hour

reposing in her lovers bower;

and while time slowly extends,

in her beauty she finds content;

for all that is lovely and fair,

justly reflects what is there:

fields of new-ripened corn,

in the sunshine of her hair.


It was on an Autumn day

while she was looking away

at russet leaves now falling,

her latest young man’s love

took up his clothes and left,

leaving her for once bereft,

in her porch softly crying,

as he rode off on his horse.


She combs her long dyed hair,

as winter comes as a reminder

of all that’s been left behind her;

with no regretting or forgetting

of her many handsome lovers;

and while it may be just as well

she has finally capped the well,

sweet violets still grow around it.


© D G Moody 2022

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4 thoughts on “Mariangel

  1. I could visualize a woman who lived alone in old age but had a very beautiful and fun life at her young age. So, I felt some kind of frustrated and hopeless in life. Anyway, you have beautifully composed this. Best wishes Dougiemoody!

    1. Thank you Amanda. The poem grew out of the last three lines, which I had for some years in my jotting book, but not knowing where to go with them. I think the sub text is a comment on the inequality between the sexes:
      It would not work so well if they were reversed; I couldn’t imagine Mick Jagger in a similar situation!

  2. Life is all about enjoying the moments, she seems super beautiful and seems to have a super fun young age. Now the time has changed and she has accepted it, which is great. She lived her life to the fullest, now she can explore something new, a spiritual path probably. Great poem, I think it tells us change is inevitable, and nothing is permanent, gotta move on.

  3. Thanks for the comment Mike. I’ve been away in Wales for the past weeks and got back yesterday – hence the delay in replying.


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