February 2, 2023


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Something In My Heart


You left something in my heart
That I cannot see, but can feel.
It is soft and smooth
like comforting feather wings
that encompass my very being.
It floats gently in my blood
above all the other offerings
beautiful souls, along the way,
have lovingly and freely gifted me.
They are none the less important,
because all were gifts of love,
But I know I will take yours,
the last greatly treasured gift,
floating softly in my blood,
to my reawakening – come the day.

© Allen Ansell 2022



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7 thoughts on “SOMETHING IN MY HEART

  1. This is truly beautiful and wonderfully crafted, Allen. “It is soft and smooth like comforting feather wings…” I love the metaphors you used here. It makes me feel the love so well. Keep on writing, Allen. I’ll keep on reading and enjoying your work.

  2. There is a gentle rhythm in the lines, as Amanda rightly points out; and thank you Allen for another satisfying read

  3. Allen you are my personal favorite, your writings are so soothing and calm and full of love it is a genre that I didn’t use to prefer but now it is just awesome, really nicely written and well framed and and an commendable use of metaphors as mentioned.

  4. I can feel the love thoughout the poem. Well written feelings and affection that match the persons emotions at that particular moment. I am ispired by your poems and they teach me a great deal on writing and how to express myself. Thank you

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