February 2, 2023


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Second Skin

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And for a child what is love?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: Amos, The good and the evil.


So, they had responsibility,

for some kind of morality,

but when it came to shove

was that all there was to love?


And for a child what is love?

Is it just for  being certain,

of regular meals on the table,

or being safe behind the curtain?


If security was all there was of love,

what could have been missing

from their own upbringing,

apart from what was above?


How could they know anything

of the tactile substitute for love;

for when it became certain

what was behind the curtain.


And now it was the season

for the abandonment of reason,

to allow what was permissible

against what was inadmissible.


The superficial family face,

just lacking in any disgrace;

without a jot of reticence in

the violating of innocence.


There was not a conversation;

no language for such an outrage,

so never a way to assuage

such a deep bone pain.


What’s the point of regretting?

With the habit of forgetting,

memories become old fears,

in the passage of the years.


Every dog will have his day,

and all things shall pass away;

for tomorrows yesterday –

shall never be like today.


Or so they say! 



D G Moody 2022




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4 thoughts on “Second Skin

  1. Very well done Dougie, the rhyming scheme was fabulous, and the overall poem was just perfect as the message you delivered through it. The last line says it all “for tomorrow yesterday shall never be like today.” it was just perfect to motivate someone and give him hope to start every day with full energy. Really appreciate it, and favorite part was the rhyming scheme.

    1. Thank you Mike, for both reading and commenting, that is very much appreciated. If life gives us lemons, we can always make lemonade.


  2. Perfectly articulated poem and i loved the lines “memories become old fears,in the passage of the years” . Such a powerful message and i love how much hope this ppoem give to anyone who might want to give up and think that there is no better future, anyone who feels stuck at one.point and never seem to move. Thank you for this wonderful mesaage.

    1. Thanks’ for your comment Kiula. A difficult poem, exorcising old memories; and yes, we are not what has happened to us, we are what we make of what has happened and move on.

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