February 2, 2023


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Colours – For Your Birthday

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Colours - For Your Birthday

Exposing my emotions to the World!  A writer does this every day.  But this… this is more of a declaration of love, and is specifically dedicated to my wife, Linda.  I hope she reads it on her birthday. 🙂



Impossible to dream …

for none can match the sparkle of your soul,
or the bloom of your kindness,
None has the depth of your kiss
or the vibrancy of your compassion.
There’s none as bright as your laugh,
or illuminating as your smile …
and where is the intensity
as in the constancy
you give to me?

There is none as bright as your eyes,
none as soft as your touch,
none as comforting as your voice,
none as beguiling as your glance,
none as enchanting as your grace.
I’m lost to find a colour as fine
as any part of you …
and yet …
you colour and light up my entire life.



© Allen Ansell 2022



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7 thoughts on “Colours – For Your Birthday

  1. It seems this person has filled your life with colours beautifully who you dedicated “Colours”. I can imagine how about your love is for your wife. Actually it is full of love and understanding. Your wife must be really impressed by this and you are a fortunate husband, Allen.

  2. Truly, a soul mate Allen. And I do know how much you appreciate your lady. This may seem an easy poem, but no, try writing as well as this? It has to come from the heart.


  3. In today’s world, we think that better stay single people are mean, but when the right person comes across you don’t wanna skip. But finding that true love is not possible for everyone, it is a luxury that not everyone can afford as it brings heartbreaks too when you are just left with just the memories. Really nicely described her Allen, the lines are truly magical, and the way you described her she seems terrific.

  4. To find true love and safety in someone’s hands is such a blessing in this world. As i read the poem i can see the true affection that exists betweem two souls. I long for this kind of love and i can definately say that you have found your soulmate. I would do anything to have such an experience in life. To love and to be truly loved is tthe greatest feeling.

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