February 2, 2023


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Few of us are fattened
by the experience of reading
the words of other poets,
many of whom are surely passed
to where swords are laid to rest
their mightier strength spread
as the petals of their immortality.
Yet their words from yesterday
remain to feed my sensibilities
and bend my imagination
as if nothing had changed
as if I had not been molded,
heated, shaped and bent
by the passage of my time,
and now by the feels they left behind.
It makes me wonder if indeed
my own words will be attenuated
and dispersed, only to become
the flotsum that bobs along
as the scum on a stagnant stream.
What is it that takes me to assume
there is any permanence or purpose
in my continued scribbling
when their’s is only understood
by those who stop and take the time
to sift through the musty pages,
to blow away the moldy dust
that lies filtering away the brightness

of what they left for us to read:
The few from oh so many.


© Allen Ansell 2022

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4 thoughts on “THE FEW FROM OH SO MANY

  1. When this was published on PoetBay, Lawrence Beck said of it, “All you can do is write to please yourself. If others also are pleased, that’s nice. Immortality isn’t worth fretting about. After you’ve died, you won’t care whether anybody is reading your work.” And Jamsbo Rockda said of it, “All poets ask that question of their work. I think Lawrence Beck said it best in his comment ‘All you can do is write to please yourself.’ But your eloquence surely puts you in contention.”

  2. This resonated with me Allen. And while so much of what has been left us from the older times, and not now regarded or even understood, there is still the immortality of some, that will remain or lie in hibernation.

  3. I think writing is a great way o present one’s view and feelings or even share one’s imagination sometimes inspires some. I think that writing is the best way to talk to the mass and connect with them and I think that true talent never gets unnoticed and lives forever. Best wishes.

    1. Intention is everything. When a poet creates a pattern of words and phrases there is a reason for it: Maybe it is to bring about the ability for other people to share in those phrases, maybe not… maybe they were created solely for the pleasure of the poet. We should, I feel, by honored by the readers comments and opinions of those phrases – they are gifts of appreciation all the more valuable when rich and detailed like yours. Thank you.

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