February 2, 2023


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Heron By The River


We reach the riverbank
and the air is cooler.
I slip my arm around your waist
and you lean into me.
I could stay like this
but your being so close
inspires the need for more
of you.

You point across the water
that is flowing slow and sure
and there frozen from motion
stands the devious Heron.
His beady eyes wary.
I turn to whisper in your ear
as you turn to me
and there we are
face to face
with me even more in love
with you.

Our lips have touched
for a brief electric moment
and the Heron is forgotten
as the sound of the river
is blanked by my racing heart
pounding in my ears.
But footsteps break through
approaching on the gravel path
and instinctively I pull away
from you.

The Heron, with a fish in tow,
flaps his great white wings
and rises through the air…
We are alone again in our
shady spot beneath some trees.
I gently pull you to me
and as we kiss your body bends
and brings me so much closer
to you.

A passion for the nature
along the riverbank binds us
Like so many other things
we have found thus mirrored
in our very hearts and souls.
Finally a kiss! And who cares
if a passing stranger sees
our bodily affection and love
When all of Nature decrees
I should only give myself alone
to you.


© Allen Ansell 2022

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8 thoughts on “HERON BY THE RIVER

  1. Allen, as always you have shown your wonderful talent for making readers feel so well what you are writing about.. I think your imagery and wording flowed beautifully together to paint a gorgeous picture of my memories! my memories of out first meeting and first kiss from my fiancé.

  2. I love how you managed to express your love and emotions combining with the wonderful description of the environment. I admire your ability to pen down your thoughts in such a remarkable way. Thank you.

  3. I agree with the previous comments; you have that rare genius (muse?) of taking the reader immediately into the poem; and I liked the juxta positioning of the Heron with the two lovers.

  4. Very good use of imagery in the poem Allen, I felt like I was that stranger passing through. You paint quite a picture, the way you have described I am thinking that If I would have such a moment with someone it would be one of the best moments of my life, the place, the view, the passion, and intensity is all so tempting. Really good Allen.

    1. You give so much of yourself when you make comments that I send positive thoughts that you too should experience a moment, a time, when the passion and intensity of an event rewards you in love.

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