February 2, 2023


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Love Lost

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Image by Tomaz Franz; courtesy of Wikimedia Commons You were once all to me


You were once all to me

but now there is nothing

beside what’s been left,

a memory that’s bereft;

I could wish be gone,

but that is not allowed,

it is not mine to choose –

a memory I cannot lose.


     © D G Moody 2022

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6 thoughts on “Love Lost

  1. This is the thing I hate about love, and relationships, they give us a lot of beautiful moments but when it is gone we are left with the pain and broken deep down. It is so hurting that we cannot move on even after years, but I guess to some it is worth it, they take this pain happily for those moments, very nicely described dougie, good one.

  2. The pain feels unbearable after a breakup. and as much as we try to avoid or forget, vivid memories of the former relationship flood our mind. But we hate them. And we wish we could escape from these memories. Dougiemoody, You have beautifully written this experience completely in just a few lines. How wonderful you are!

  3. The thing about relationship ia when everything is going well, you cab only enjoy life to the fullest. But when things go south the pain is unbearable. I have loved and lost someone and it was the most diffucult moment in my life. I have come to realize that just enjoy the beautuful moments as long as they last. The peom brings back so many memories and i am glad the author has been able to write aomething that resonates with the experience i once had.

  4. Thank you Kiula; and yes, the pain of separation is unique in its intensity; also, wondering where that lost love is now.

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