February 2, 2023


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I'm from the peat water - known to be bold



Out of the Dark Stream my name was foretold,

       I’m from the peat water – known to be bold.

I am the Serpent, chasing its tail,

joined in a circle it cannot fail.

I am of the seashore,

the mountains and woods,

which is where I should be:

 as free as a hawk,

hunting its prey,

or delving as a mole –

hid neath the clay.

I am the pipes,

a Celtic lament,

whisky and black beer –

made to ferment;

or as fresh baked bread,

hot from the oven,

my hidden self,

sung to me by a woman.

I am a number,

linked to Heaven,

the mystical root,

known as a seven.

I am from the North

where people were free,

I honour the God

they nailed to a tree.




©D G Moody 2022


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9 thoughts on “Creideas

  1. The rhyming scheme is really impressive, and this tone of a poet is my favorite. The last stanza was amazing and especially the last line, I honor the god they nailed to a tree is just commendable. Appreciate it.

  2. Thank you Mike. I first wrote this around 27 years ago, as a challenge with my poet cousin; then I put it aside and found it again recently. Allen has been kind to feature it here.

    1. Thank you both Allen and Mike. I must confess to having tinkered with it on and off for years, and as it’s personal I worried about it being also egotistical; but there you go that’s negative egoism – move over Uriah Heep!

  3. Me too, like the last two stanzas. The rhyme schemes, Alternate rhyme and simple 4-line rhyme you used here are really perfect. It makes language sound more beautiful and thoughtfully-composed, like music.

  4. Thanks Amanda. Yes, it is a basic structure, with a beat from the short lines and allusive language; an attempt to honour my Celtic roots.


  5. A wonderful poem and to think you wrote this poem 27 years ago shows how great you are . The rhyme schemes are great and i love the last two stanzas. Thabk you

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