February 2, 2023


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When They Come To Visit

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When They Come To Visit



War is on


A super power hits hard and unprovoked

on a small sovereign nation,

bombs showering Hanoi…

No, shit, it’s Kyiv!


All hell breaks loose over the Mekong…

No… the Dnieper, for fuck’s sake!


Yet, the war is raging,

but for once it’s not the US who’s waging


But… Washington’s got the knack;

next unprovoked war they’ll surely be back,

for they mostly fight for no reason,

as soon as the generals are in season,

napalm burning innocent skin,

Agent Orange making the foliages thin;

we know where the US is usually heading

with their drones dropping missiles on birthday and wedding


Now it’s Russia,

next time the USA

This time it’s Sasha,

later Peggy and Ray


let’s leave it at that and this,

Russia and USA throw the same deadly kiss
They share an identical reputation;

when they come to visit it is an invasion



© Ingvar Loco Nordin 2022




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8 thoughts on “When They Come To Visit

  1. Yes, all great powers act only according to their own interests; I think you have put that well here; today it’s one power, yesterday it was the other; next maybe China invading Taiwan.

  2. And in a thousand years, when nuclear war has decimated the planet, what good will Taiwan be to what’s left of China, and Ukraine for what’s left of Russia? The leaders might be able to survive in their underground bunkers for a while, but then someone in their own regime will want to grab the power and so it all starts over again. Homo Sapiens have a large brain subjectively, but are about a stupid as stupid can be!

    Ingvar, a brilliant piece this. Thank you for sharing on Parapraxis.

  3. The shortsightedness of politicians shows brutally in Sweden, when decisions were made about the nuclear waste from the power plants recently. That waste, a big portion of it, will be poisonous for 100 000 years. I published a poem about that in a newspaper. I’ll put it up in English when I have relocated it. In that poem I checked what 100 000 years is, by looking back. That is 50 times as far away as the birth of Christ, 100 times as long ago as the Viking age, 20 times farther off than the life of Utzi, the Iceman, and the construction of the Egyptian pyramids at about that distance as well. How would WE regard the guys (because these idiots are for the most part male) from back then, if WE still had to deal with their shit? Incredible to even consider storing this poison in a safe way for 100 000 years, only for our present luxury spendings. Even a number of ice ages will have passade by then.

  4. Wow, one should learn from you how to put world crisis and truth in such a great way through poetry, I mean it is just awesome the way you have said all this. And yeah it is our misfortune that the world has to suffer through this, even in this war US is fighting behind the curtain by supplying arms, and ammunition to Ukraine and is ready to retaliate against China if it invades Taiwan, because of all this world politics only one who suffers is the common man. Even the countries that are not a part of war are affected by the inflation caused by it. It is just shameful.

  5. What a great way to express your thoughts on war and how this big and great nations use war as a way to intimidate and dominate smaller nations. For many years we have see how many countries have fallen when they tried to take on UAS and Russia. I loved the last paragraph “let’s leave it at that and this,

    Russia and USA throw the same deadly kiss
    They share an identical reputation;

    when they come to visit it is an invasion.

  6. Great poem, Ingvar. War, even win or loss, brings away many lives of people, children, men and women. War always brings nothing unless death. There is nothing more valuable than human lives in the world. I wish those leaders who use military strength to gain and preserve power, could have the wisdom to understand this.

  7. Powerful words. I may be an American but I never felt right about the military complex that has been such a huge part of this nation. It sickens me. They are doing what they always do, trying to make money off someone else’s suffering. I love poetry like this. It is real, honest, and cuts deep. War is God awful.

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