February 2, 2023


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Once, I dreamt of having her, of bringing

Her into my bed, and… I suppose you know

The rest, but I was stopped when she exclaimed

Indignantly that every man she met had just

Such thoughts in mind.  From then on, though

I cherished her, I made no effort to seduce her.

We would talk for hours as we smoked outside,

And we conspired gleefully against the world,

Family members, spouses, almost anybody

Passing by.  Those days are gone.  We both,

Now older, don’t lust much or have to ward off

Those who do.  We’ve been instructed not

To smoke, but, when we get to be together,

We still steal away to sit outside and hatch

Fresh heinous plots.   I never got her into bed,

But I have had her otherwise, and happily,

For years.



© Lawrence Beck 2022




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6 thoughts on “Suzanne

  1. What a charming tale of love ‘of a different kind’.
    I’m thinking had you seduced her, who knows what might have happened as a consequence? One thing would be almost certain and that is your lives would not be the same as they are now: Maybe you would be divorced and hating one another rather than still loving one another’s company.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely poem, Lawrence.

  2. Intimacy is a part of a relationship but intimacy is not the relationship. The only thing we remember is the time spent together, memories made and the love shared. A really impressive poem it is, appreciate it.

  3. I found this tantalising, a good sign in my book. Would she if he could? Would he if she would? There is a theory that any relationship between a man and a woman is underpinned by sexuality ( No Freud get outa here!). But then, there is more to love than the act; the writer may have chosen the better path. Bravo Lawrence!

  4. That is the kind of love that most people miss nowdays. To have someone who loves you for who you are and nothing to do with sex or material things. The kind of intimacy that is rare is what i long for, to be connected with someone spiritual and even the universe will dance when these two souls meet. I love how you have captured the feelings and imagination of the reader and it is a very wonderful love story. A love that lasts a lifetime.

  5. Most people have a doubt in their hearts that is it possible to have Love without lust? But I believe it is possible. This is a nice example of that. That is the real love we all dream of. But most people are not fortunate to find out such a pure love. Especially, In the modern world, it is very rare.

  6. The physical stuff is never really needed to bond with someone and care deeply for them. I love the story you told with this poem. It was one of love, respect, and commitment. A desire to be different than the rest and better for her. Short yet deep and very sweet.

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