February 2, 2023


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There were fireworks.  It was
The Fourth of July.  People lay
On their backs in the grass,
And were awed.  When the frantic
Finale was over, they stood up
And clapped, and then packed
What they’d brought, and went
Pell mell, like Sooners, from
Where they’d been laying, to cars,
Into traffic, eventually home.
I was among them, a skeptic,
No jingo, a communist, actually,
There for the flowers which bloomed
In the air, for the odor of sulphur,
And your evanescence.  I loved
You at that time.  I think I still do,
But you’re gone, like the fireworks.
Little remains, marks in the grass
From the thousands of backs,
Beer cans in bins, and boxes
Of pizza, and also, of course,
My ridiculous longing for someone,
Who, I believe, never intended
To do more than light up my sky.


© Lawrence Beck 2022

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5 thoughts on “Evanescence

  1. Sometimes you can read a poem and see in your mind’s eye something more than the words have described. It is an indescribable sensation. For me, this is one of those special poems. Thank you for sharing, Lawrence.

  2. Wonderful and well articulated poem. Sometimes we lose something or someone we hold so dear and there is nothing we can do than moving on. The message is very powerful and how you managed to put your thoughts down is amazing to see. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This reminds me of the American Revolution. Anyway, when we win something, we may have lost another… But we have to move on…It is the reality of life. Nice poem. Keep writing, Lawrence.

  4. Exquisite writing Lawrence, you have said such a deep thing. It is the rule of nature, when one thing comes another goes, and everything comes at a cost. Even winning in wars comes at a cost of lives even from the winning side. Really liked your poem, appreciate it.

  5. I like using fireworks and the crazy enjoyment one can feel from them and matching it to a love interest. Sometimes people come into our lives for a short time and it is amazing but what’s left is memories, a bit of a mess, and our own self reflection. I enjoyed this poem a lot

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