February 2, 2023


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Laying in Sweet Grasses

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Laying In Sweet Grasses

Puffs of pillow white
drift gently through the blues:
The blue, blue sky
and the cornflower petals
that waver in the breeze –
a warm trickle of air
that dances phantom patterns
in three dimensional space.
My hands reach out,
up through the grasses,
to pull you close to me.

Then comes the perfume
to intoxicate my brain.
A subtle note of musk
with sandalwood afloat
wafts into my lungs
to magnify my lust,
my adoration of this my life with you,
laying in the grasses
that bury us in green
and make our passion
private and so unseen.

A bird calls a taunting
from high above us here,
but our tongues entwine
through lips that are flaunting
kiss upon kiss upon kiss.
And we are lost in lover’s bliss,
in the roar of passions blood,
the drumbeats of hearts that thud,
the rustle of love’s disrobing,
the feeling of flesh divine
that culminates in yours and mine
joined as one, as one, as one…
joined as one,

as one.




© Allen Ansell 2022

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8 thoughts on “Laying in Sweet Grasses

  1. To create a very pleasant image of this love, you have used many similes of the natural world throughout the poem. Your writing beautifully shows how beautiful is love and the physical attraction between these lovers is strong. So, I would say that this poem is really perfect, Allen.

  2. What a moment it would have been, I mean it is so romantic, being in nature, in silence, with your precious person, and having the perfect kiss. Everything in this poem is just perfect as that moment of the kiss. Excellent writing, really liked it.

  3. Yes, the intertwining of the two lovers with their natural world makes the poem so effective, and with the rhyming sequence it takes me along in a most pleasurable way. Bravo Allen!

  4. Love flourish when nature there is authenticuty about people and their nature. I love how you managed to combine and use words that penetrate through the mind of tge reader. Absolutely loved it.

  5. I really enjoy poems like this that can be about the deeper emotions of making love, rather than just all the physical stuff. This was a beautiful way of making the moment about two people coming together in such a delicate way. Along side nature makes it all the more beautiful. Great work!

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