February 2, 2023


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calm is the wind
warm is the weather
fresh is your skin
sweet is the moment

silver is the moon
starry, the sky
red is the wine
golden is the honey

smells of the sea
ocean spray, scents
perfum of the earth
of seaweed, of flowers

cheerful is your laughter
tender, your eyes
gentle, the path
to lead me to you

nights a dance
light are our steps
fluttering our heartbeats
silken, our song

whispers, our words
deep, our voices
heavy, the desire
longing, our arms

calm is the wind
warm is the weather
fresh is your skin
soft is the moment

so soft the moment


©  Naomi Sara 2022

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5 thoughts on “REVERIE

  1. Nicely written poetry with an amazing sense of flow! The poem begins with the beauty of nature and ends with how you feel about love. You have made a beautiful connection between nature and love. And I would say that the rhythm and your choice of words is excellent. The poem genuinely depicted vivid imagery to the mind’s eye.

  2. I love how you poured your thoughts into this wonderful poem. The connection between human and nature brings about the sense of calmness and love.

  3. I liked it. The short lines give it a tripping quality, and the imagery – between the natural and the emotional works so well.

  4. Such a calm and soothing poem. Its flow was smooth as milk, and the use of imagery was excellent. The lines were very nicely written and very well-built. And I would add a line for you, …magnificent writer is Naomi and so is this poem.

  5. I really like when poems lead and end the same, it is like closing a short story of emotions. I like the title, it emphasizes that this is a moment of being lost in one’s thoughts of a special someone. It reminds me a lot of young love, when the flowers are only just starting to bloom between two people.

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